9 Growth Mindset Habits for Business Owners

9 Growth Mindset Habits for Business Owners


In business, the way we think and approach challenges has a huge influence on our success. Adopting a growth mindset, not only in our strategies but also in our daily habits, can make a massive difference in our business's success.

Here are my top ten growth mindset habits that every business owner should practice to elevate their business and, importantly, make more sales!


1. Embrace Challenges


Challenges are not roadblocks; they are opportunities for learning and growth. Don’t avoid the sticking points or hurdles in your business - embrace them enthusiastically!

Every seriously hard, exhausting patch you overcome as a business owner is another step forward towards your goals. ‘The Obstacle is the Way’ like Ryan Holiday says!


2. Progress Over Perfection


Chasing perfection is an own goal. It so often leads to delaying important actions because conditions aren't ‘just right’ or ‘not the right time,’ so you end up getting so hung up on failure that your creativity is totally stifled, and you’re too scared to try anything new. 

Focus on learning and improving, and get used to the idea that mistakes are not setbacks are unavoidable and basically just opportunities to learn and upskill.

For example, if you launch a new product or service that isn’t as successful as you’d hoped, instead of seeing it as a disaster, gather customer feedback and look for ways to improve your offering. Don’t give up, and don’t roll out a flawed strategy!

Try again using the data and learning you picked up in round one!


3. Celebrate Your Small Wins


Remember to acknowledge and celebrate small victories along the way in your business. These little moments of joy help you build momentum and reinforce your commitment to your goals.

They remind you that progress, no matter how small, is still progress. Big wins are rare, and usually, they crescendo to a zillion little wins coming together.

Little wins and micro high-fives EVERYDAY is where success really lives.


4. Cultivate Curiosity


Ask questions, seek answers, and remain curious about new trends, technologies, and methods in your niche.

Having a curious mindset leads to innovative ideas, and trying new ways to do things can help you serve your clients even more effectively.

Innovate, test and explore your ideas whilst fully accepting you can’t be sure what will fly and what will flop! Business development is, to a point, one big experiment after all!


5. Ask for Feedback 


View feedback as a precious gift, get comfortable with asking clients for feedback because it’s the absolute best way to get insight into areas of improvement in the business.

Don’t forget to take action on the insights you receive. Ask the hard questions and make the necessary improvements, and just remember to NOT take anything too  personally. 


6. Network with Intent


Build a network not just for the sake of having connections but to surround yourself with people who inspire and challenge you. Engage with peers, mentors, and thought leaders who push you to think bigger and strive for greater.

Networking isn’t about collecting business cards or adding contacts on social media; it will massively enrich your professional growth. Connect with people you can learn from, who inspire you, and who challenge your way of thinking.

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7. Practice Resilience


The path of entrepreneurship is filled with ups and downs; we all know that. Resilience is key to weathering those tough times and by maintaining a positive outlook, finding ways to manage your stress effectively, and staying focused on the long-term vision for your business.

My top tip - take plenty of time outside and find a way that suits you to anchor your wellbeing. Building a business is hard, whatever the gloss shows you online, and sometimes it feels like you’re lost in a storm and can’t see a way forward.

When it feels hard, step away to step up. Go and intentionally take a break and restore your energy, then make a plan to move forward!


8. Reflect Regularly


Regular reflection is a powerful tool for any business owner. It involves taking a step back to review what has been effective and what hasn't, understanding why certain strategies worked, and identifying areas for improvement. This birds-eye perspective is vital; without it, you’re too close to the ground and can’t see the bigger picture. 

Make time for regular reflection on what’s going on in the business and the lessons you’ve learned. I know it’s so easy to keep powering forward, but there need to be a few moments of introspection, too.

This will help you fine-tune your future plans, solidify learnings, and prepare for any challenges that lie ahead. Slow down, to speed up, as they say!


9. Innovate!


Don’t be afraid to try something new! Innovation and trying out new things are the lifeblood of business growth. Whether you’re trying a new marketing technique or you’re adding something fabulous to your suite of offers, daring to be different can lead to breakthroughs that propel your business forward.

A growth mindset is about more than achieving success; it's about setting a foundation for continuous improvement and fulfilment.

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