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Are you DONE with dull as dishwater online networking events that follow the same yawn-worthy, clock-glancing formula?...


‚¨õÔłŹ Are you fed up of wasting hours of precious hours getting stuck in uninspiring breakout rooms and having tiresome 1:1s that go nowhere, fast?¬†¬†

‚¨õÔłŹ¬†Are you tired of online networking memberships promising you phenomenal results, but delivering NOTHING (well, apart from disappointment)?

‚¨õÔłŹ¬†Where‚Äôs the spark, where‚Äôs the fun?

‚¨õÔłŹ¬†Well, since you asked, It‚Äôs right here: At Vibrant Connections


Vibrant Connections is the space and place to meet cool, zesty, interesting business owners* who NEED and WANT your services.

*Introverts & extroverts welcome 


It’s a match made in business-heaven for buyers & suppliers to connect and create opportunities - with a hefty dollop of fun on top!


At Vibrant Connections, EVERYONE gets the opportunity to connect and network.


Although vibrancy is encouraged, this isn't a space where a few big personalities dominate the conversation.


This isn't the place where you get lost in an overwhelming sea of endless introductions and pitches (who actually wants this?)



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 is the new way to network

Enter the gateway to your next opportunities, connections, collaborations and fabulous fruitful business relationships, with me, Enfys.


Could YOU be the next vibrant connection my community is looking for?

Come and find out! Let the Buyer & Supplier Matchmaking commence! 


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Vibrant Connections Waitlist 




Vibrant Connections is the new way to network!

Enter the gateway to your next opportunities, connections, collaborations and fabulous fruitful  business relationships, with me, Enfys.


My brand new sizzling networking membership kicks off with a FREE launch party on 18th March, online at 11am- 1pm. 


Could YOU be the next vibrant connection my community is looking for? Join the Waitlist and you'll be the first to find when our doors are open again!  


Let the Buyer & Supplier Matchmaking commence! 


Hi! I'm Enfys

Vibrant Connections is hosted by moi, and if I’m being totally modest; my events are exceptionally EPIC.


Since launching Sales Training with Enfys Ltd in 2021, I have hosted dozens of legendary in-person and online events that have seen countless connections and collaborations made.


People in my world mix for success.


And I want to give you the opportunity to do exactly that - from the comfort of your living room.

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Networking IS an integral part of your marketing strategy. 


Yes, your social media may be super slick. 


Your ads may be ticking away nicely in the background.


Your email campaign might be rolled out and ready to go.


BUT do you ever feel as though you’re always speaking to the same 20 people again, and again...(and again)?


Are you finding it difficult to beat the algorithms and reach for some fresh faces and breathe new opportunities in your business?


Are you ready to discover a vibrant online community that not only nurtures your growth plans but also extends invitations to exclusive events and exciting in-person networking opportunities?


What you've been looking for is here!








To really tap into the incredible, beautifully-authentic business matchmaking, you need to get in the room and network (often).


In-person events are MAGIC but you don’t have the time to zoom up and down the country every other month. 

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Come and experience Vibrant Connections firsthand. Brace yourself for an online event that breaks the mold...


…It’s going to be FUN (gasp) - yes, you can be fun, focused and fabulous!


The trailblazers and movers and shakers of this world know that to make epic strides in your business, branching out your network is essential. 


It's time to make connections vibrant and hold opportunity rich conversations! (am I right?)


You’ve got something sensational to give.


So come along and join Vibrant Connections and get in the room with people who are in awe at what you do and who need your offers.



Vibrant Connections is an inclusive space for all types of business owners.


This is the place to be yourself and ignite opportunities through authentic conversations. 


At Vibrant Connections we are:

  • Focused and Fabulous¬†
  • Support boomerang-ers
  • Curious listeners & generous givers
  • Learners, Leaders, Listeners, Laughers
  • Championers of "don't be a¬†****" energy! (This is paramount).
  • Advocates for inclusivity & positivity.
  • No negativity or shaming is permitted. Ever. Keep those vibes high & mighty!
  • No energy vampires allowed. Those who drain rather than contribute are not invited. Breakout rooms are for all to enjoy.
  • Planet & people centric: We care deeply about our world & the community in it.¬†
  • Valuers of the power Community, Courage & Action-taking.¬†
  • Connected, Sharing and Growing TOGETHER¬†(this is what Vibrant Connections are about!)



We are never mundane!


Uniqueness is encouraged & loved in this community so you can always be authentically YOU. 


Our mission is to banish business isolation for good. No one should be alone in this journey. We grow & build our business and network together. 


The next wave of British Business talent is out there and we've made it our business to connect them.


Through our creative, comfortable, and colourful INTENTIONAL networking, we ignite opportunities and cultivate high-yielding connections.... on repeat!













In addition to our monthly meetings and our Gold Members Directory, I will host the Get Seen, Get Found take-over days within The Business Lounge and LinkedIn. 


Get ready for networking-tasks that will get you connecting & promoting beyond the monthly meetings. 


During the Get Seen, Get Found Take-Over days you'll be invited to promote & share your incredible offers - Vibrant Connections style!





Every single opportunity comes from a conversation. 


There is no need for dreaded 'one-minute' pitches or overflowing breakout rooms where one dominant voice hogs the floor. Vibrant Connections is different. 


The intimate conversations are intentional and considered. 


We will begin by experimenting as we craft our perfect formula (Vibrant Connections is brand new don't forget) so we will be begin with a 3,4,5 breakout room sizing and see what you find most fruitful. 


There is no-size fits all when it comes to the winning formula so expect a cocktail of experiences as we craft our new pathway, together! 



Vibrant Connections is a platform and dynamic community waiting for your unique touch. 


The countless collaborations, connections, sales, referrals and lifelong friendships that have already bloomed for my clients is what inspired me to launch Vibrant Connections.


(And these EPIC results are here to grab and replicate for the Vibrant Connections founding members.)


Here's a snap-shot of the past business my clients have experienced recently (this is a tiny sample):


  • Wellness coach Jo, told me she had asked copy-queen Cath to do her copywriting.
  • My client Claire (marketing expert) has booked onto George's (photographer) headshot day.
  • Emma (blogging & PR expert) has signed up as a VIP client with Carolyn who will now run¬†a Pinterest sales funnel for Emma.¬†
  • My client Rachel booked a re-brand with my client Alex.
  • My client Roshe outsourced her LinkedIn content to content creator Nicola.
  • Another client needs help with her award entry so has gone to my client Debbie who is an award writer.


The connections really are ENDLESS and extremely valuable.


The business that is passed between my clients and connections at my events are OFF-THE-CHARTS so here we go; Vibrant Connections is the place where vibrant opportunities are made!



The opportunity to join and create something spectacular and high impact for you and your business is here!


Gold Founders will get featured in our very own Members Directory so you can get seen & get found across my website and platforms.


The Founding Members will be a central part of the Vibrant Connections community, the whole community will build around the founders and it's an incredible moment to come in and be part of this new growth focused network.



If you want to build big things in 2024 it starts with your network.