"I’m here to help you make bigger and better sales and go on to enjoy the many benefits and rewards that follow a profitable business".


“Your success is my business!

I’m here to help you make bigger and better sales and go on to enjoy the many benefits and rewards that follow a profitable business.”


Selling can feel so incredibly hard, and so incredibly lonely for a small business owner.

I’m here to change that. I'm here to support you. 


My professional purpose is to help and inspire women achieve more. To run rewarding, high yielding businesses that allow them the lead the life they crave.

The sales you make (or don’t make) affect everything. Your lifestyle and choices depend on the revenue you can bring into your business.

Sales are the fuel that drives any business and it’s essential that each entrepreneur can sell their incredible services. And that’s exactly what I help with!

I know how hard it can be to make sales.

Knowing what to sell, to who, and for how much, are questions all small business owners need to know. But actually knowing how to monetise your expertise effectively can feel utterly overwhelming.


Sales self-doubt will keep you stuck.


Questions fill your head, wasting your time and zapping your energy.

Questions and worries like;

  • I don’t want to appear pushy, how can I sell this?
  • Will I make enough money?
  • What if nobody buys?
  • Is this proposal good enough?
  • What shall I say on this call?
  • What can I say on social media?
  • How do I map out my pricing?
  • How do I create offers and programmes that sell…. 
  • How…. How… how…

and all of a sudden you’re wasting time and missing opportunities.


But, it doesn't have to be this hard


Here at Sales Training with Enfys I provide sophisticated sales training designed to help show-stopping small business owners and entrepreneurs make more sales, comfortably.

I’m here to help you make sales and go on to enjoy the many benefits that follow a profitable business. 


I run two evergreen programmes; The Elevate Circle and AMPLIFY. which provide a powerful space for small business owners to come and build their businesses and learn to make more sales, comfortably. 

The Elevate Circle, is a high-level sales coaching and sales training mastermind underpinned by a vibrant entrepreneurial community. It's perfect for established businesses who are ready to leverage their foundations and grow into the next phase of business. 

AMPLIFY is for businesses who are not yet turning a consistent monthly profit. 

Both weave together a results focused blend of sales mentoring, group learning, community support and self-study sales training. 

The sales training I provide is enjoyable, engaging and thought-provoking and is designed with one thing in mind: to help driven business owners hold conversations that not only connect, but also convert.

Although my training is fundamentally created to elevate my clients’ sales strategy, approach and sales skills it’s also about sales mindset. 

There is no point in having the tools, techniques and know-how without the confidence to implement and take action.


I help change how my clients feel about selling, and get incredible results.


I help small business owners see selling for what it is; harnessing incredible opportunities, with intention, to serve and delight prospective clients whilst also bringing reliable revenue and profit into the business.

I'm delighted to have built a reputation for bringing colour, creativity and joy to selling. I have a large, free Facebook group of hundreds of small business owners called The Business Lounge and you can join anytime.


Book in a call and let’s chat about how I might help you with your sales.





Your Success is My Business

Your Progress is My Passion

Your Progress is My Profession