Why Your Sales Calls Aren't Converting (and How to Fix Them!)


Have you ever felt like navigating a sales call is like wandering through a maze? You've prepared, and you're passionate about your offer, but you can’t quite get to the close. You feel like you’re circling the centre of the maze, but finding that path to sales conversion is totally elusive!


Your ability to hold conversations that convert is essential to your business. You want to find out from your client if they have a problem that you can solve and lead the conversation to that solution, and your offer. This skill is hugely important for breakthroughs and booming businesses, but people find discovery calls daunting. 


If your discovery calls aren’t hitting the mark, here’s my advice on how you can turn that around and become a confident, kind closer:


Lead the Call

Your ability to hold conversations that convert is essential to your business, and having a simple framework will help you lead your discovery calls. You need to have a really clear beginning, middle, and end to your sales call framework.

Your introduction, helps your ideal client understand how the call is going to go, then you ask your probing questions that help you understand how you can help someone, and then you're close. If you don’t have a framework for your conversations, the call can and will wander off on a total tangent.

Get the Energy Right

Discovery calls aren’t a monologue about the features and benefits of your offer. Think back to the exhilaration of hosting or attending an in-person event.

Injecting that sense of fun and excitement into your calls can transform the experience for both you and your prospective client.

Share stories, find common ground, and let your passion for your product shine through. People are drawn to enthusiasm and are more likely to engage with a sales pitch that doesn't feel like one.


Understand the Objections

You’re going in as a supportive detective when you’re holding a discovery call, as you cannot establish a client’s needs without understanding their problem first. So, you need to spend time on the call establishing their needs.

Ask them what you why did they book in today’s call, what can you help them with, how is their problem is impacting their life, and whether there is anything that would get in the way of them moving ahead with working with you.

You're inviting the prospect to share their reservations and their concerns because if they bring them to you, you can handle them and understand how you can support them. 


Bring the Emotion!

Sales calls often falter when the offer isn't clear or doesn't seem to address a real need. Your product or service might be the answer to their prayers, but if that message isn't communicated effectively, your calls will miss the mark.

Before you hop on that Zoom, ensure you can articulate not just what you're selling but why it matters. Your potential client wants the TRANSFORMATION your service offers, so sell the sizzle, not the sausage!

Transform your pitch from a tentative proposal to a compelling solution that prompts an enthusiastic "Hell Yeah!" from your prospects.


Schedule the Follow Up

During the conversation, take the time to outline the next steps. Ask when would be a good time to get in touch and get a plan in place for your next conversation.

Your prospective client might need a couple of days to think about your solution, and that’s fine, but to make sure you don’t leave them hanging - schedule the follow up conversation.

When you book a time in the diary, it means that they've agreed to you calling, and therefore, you are never going to feel pushy about following up. 

Your Brand's Moment to Shine

Think of a discovery call as your brand's red carpet moment. Discovery calls are the core of your business, and they’re all about building relationships, being connected and converting sales.

Your discovery call is about supporting your client in making a decision that is absolutely going to benefit them; it is about selling a wonderfully life-changing solution that is going to help your clients finally achieve whatever it is they’ve tried and failed to do alone. 

You must be able to lead these conversations assertively, confidently, and kindly. If you focus on caring for the client, the sale will follow so long as you lead the conversation to make it easy for them to say yes. Work in partnership with your client to solve their problem!


Final Thoughts

Transforming your sales calls from missed opportunities to conversion success stories is about taking the time to really think about why the client came to you and what they need help with.

You cannot help people solve their problems unless they buy from you, and to serve and support your clients, you first need to sell to them. And for that you need a high converting, customer centric discovery call framework! 


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