6 Benefits of Running in-person events

The 6 Benefits of Running In-Person Events (and Why It's Good for Your Visibility Strategy!)

For those of us who work from the comfort of their home offices, the idea of stepping out of our Zoom-cocoon might seem a tad daunting.

Yet, the allure of in-person events, where connections and creativity collide, can be an exhilarating prospect.

These events, often organised by passionate entrepreneurs themselves, offer a wealth of benefits that extend far beyond the initial experience.

If you've been toying with the idea of venturing out from behind your digital screen, I’d love to share with you 6 reasons why running in-person events should be part of your business growth strategy:


  1. Unmatched Connections

Running in-person events provide an unparalleled opportunity to forge genuine connections that have the power to propel your business to new heights. Meeting people in “real life” lays the foundation for authentic relationships that digital interactions simply cannot replicate (thanks for showing us this, lockdown!). Whether it's sharing ideas, brainstorming collaborations, or discovering potential clients, the magic of face-to-face networking can open doors you never knew existed. The type of business owners who come to in-person events are always worth getting to know, so running your own event is a great way to bring them into your world. 


  1. They’re fun!

Let’s get one thing straight: your event doesn’t have to be all about stiff corporate nonsense for boardroom-loving dinosaurs (even writing that made me want to yawn). Hosting an in-person event is your playground to unleash EPIC-ness!  Breaking away from the confines of your home office and stepping into a world of excitement, where learning meets laughing, and ideas come to life. This isn’t just about imparting stuffy facts; it’s about creating an environment that brews creativity and connections. You got into business for a reason, and hosting in-person events injects that fun back into your journey.


  1. They take your ideas from “Huh?” to “Hell Yeah!”

The transformational potential of in-person events cannot be overstated. Whether you’re the host or the attendee, these events are power-packed gatherings where your ideas can go from mere seedlings to fully-grown money trees. People who entered with uncertainty often leave with a clear-as-crystal selling strategy, ready to be unleashed into the world. The magic? Real-life interaction and collaboration take your seedling ideas, transforming them from airy-fairy first drafts into concrete, revenue generating masterpieces.


  1.   Unforeseen Opportunities and Idea Generation

Running an in-person event gives you the opportunity to meet cool people, get new ideas, make places and welcome opportunities into your world that you NEVER expected. The sheer unpredictability of in-person events is what makes them so special. The structured sessions, casual conversations, chance encounters, and spontaneous discussions can lead to game-changing insights. Diverse minds coming together in a shared physical space often sparks ideas that propel your business forward in unexpected ways. 


  1. Bye-Bye Boring: Immerse Yourself in Strategy

Business building should never be dull, lonely or overwhelming, even though anyone who’s bravely ventured into the entrepreneurial world will feel like that’s how it is sometimes. The journey can indeed be isolating, but in-person events have the power to change that narrative. Stepping away from your home office to run or attend an in-person event offers a unique perspective shift. Far removed from the daily grind, It allows you to take a step back, gain a bird's-eye view of your business, and strategically plan for the future. This immersive environment provides the space needed to analyse your products, offers, and sales strategies with intention and clarity. It's a chance to set goals and map out actionable steps to achieve them.


  1. Your Brand's Red-Carpet Moment

In a world flooded with digital noise, where online interactions can sometimes feel fleeting, building a strong brand presence and maintaining visibility is essential for any business owner. This is precisely where in-person events shine, offering a powerful avenue to establish your brand authority and amplify your visibility strategy. At the end of my last in-person event, I asked everyone if they’d be buying from somebody in the room - they ALL raised their hands. Hosting or attending events gives you the opportunity to showcase your expertise, share your knowledge, and demonstrate your passion directly to your target audience. As you engage in meaningful conversations, offer insights, and provide solutions to challenges, you position yourself as a go-to authority in your field.

Beyond individual interactions, these events enable you to showcase your brand identity in a tangible way. Your unique voice, values, and mission come to life through your presentations, discussions, and people get to know YOU. 


The impact of in-person events on brand visibility is not limited to the event itself. The connections you make, the conversations you engage in, and the memories you create continue to resonate long after the event concludes. Attendees become advocates for your brand, sharing their positive experiences with their networks and amplifying your reach in ways that digital marketing alone can't achieve.


The dynamic nature of in-person events provides amazing opportunities for content creation. Live presentations, workshops, discussions, and down-time offer opportunities to capture photos, videos, and testimonials that can be repurposed across your online content indefinitely. This not only enhances your online presence but also reinforces your brand's authority and authenticity.


So, if you're seeking to elevate your visibility strategy and propel your business forward,  Consider in-person events not only as opportunities to learn and connect but also as stages where your brand can shine brightly. These events provide the ideal canvas to paint a vivid picture of your brand's identity, values, and expertise.

The momentum, connections, and renewed sense of purpose that stem from these experiences are bound to shape your entrepreneurial journey in ways you never imagined. Just as your clients have witnessed the transformation in their own worlds, you too can reap the rewards of embracing the power of in-person interactions.


The benefits of in-person events are immeasurable, and the results, as witnessed time and time again, are nothing short of extraordinary.

And if you need help putting together an epic  in-person event, why not start by experiencing one?

I run 4 distinctly different types of events (one a quarter). Sharing that these are about might inspire you to think about what you could do to elevate your own clients’ experiences and transformations:

I run intimate, exclusive VIP Sales Strategy days, larger scale low cost high impact days and full immersion sales strategy retreat.


Holding events has been one of the most easy, effective and enjoyable things I've done to create my multi award winning, multi six figure business. 


So my question to you is this;

How could you incorporate events into your sales and visibility strategy and bring a new dimension into your business development and retention strategy?

Holding events has been one of the most easy, effective and enjoyable things I've done to create my multi award winning, multi six figure business. 

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