25 Key Steps you need to take to get consistent sales

25 Key Steps You Need to Take to Get Consistent SALES

Connections and friendships are SO important in business. Having people around you to support you, cheer you on and guide you will make your business journey so much more joyful and smoother; connections paired with a high converting sales strategy will give you a recipe for selling success! 


Below are the lessons I've learned along my entrepreneurial journey which have equipped me with the knowledge needed to create consistent high revenue months. Here’s my 25-step roadmap for success, that I'm excited to share with you:




Have you ever thought this as you're there tirelessly building your business and trying to bring the sales in?


I remember when I first launched my first business back in 2018 and thinking, 'omg, someone, JUST TELL ME WHAT TO DO'.


I missed having a boss and wasn't yet used to having to figure EVERYTHING out by myself. The pressure of making sales was forever present but so was the confusion. I mean, I had an amazing product, where was the queue of paying customers?!


It didn't take me long to figure it out in all honesty. I'd been in sales forever but something was different running when I set up by myself. The amount of decisions I had to make daily was excruciating and I remember saying to my husband about a million times "I wish somebody would just tell me what to do"... but they didn't.. so, I muddled through.


I set up a fabulous travel business then BAM, the pandemic hit and I lost it. (Global travel bans whilst running a travel business was the UTTER PITS). Fast forward to now... I've Tried & Tested all sorts and distilled my knowledge into 25 areas you need to focus on first to get to from £0 to £3K months.


The premise is SIMPLE…

Follow the steps and you will see the results.


Your 25-step roadmap to business success:


1. Establish your starting point: Get clear on where your business and sales are NOW before you clarify where you want to GO.


2. Establish your goals:  Get crystal clear on your sales and business goals and set your intentions.



3. Set the scene: Determine how you want your prospects to perceive you online for maximum recognition and impact.



4. Build your credibility: Continue to build your online presence for maximum recognition and impact.



5. Your sales process: Understand and build your lead generation and sales process.



6. Your purpose pyramid: Define your business purpose and create your irrefusable value proposition.



7. Play to your strengths: Identify your many strengths and use them to design offers that attract your ideal client.



8. Define your next ideal client: Use your past ideal clients to speak clearly to your next match-made-in-heaven client.



9. Your product range: Craft your product range and position it strategically for the greatest impact on you and your clients.



10. Setting your sales targets: Clarify what you want to achieve from your product ladder and what sales you want to make to achieve those goals.



11. Selling on social media: Create an intentional social media posting and selling strategy.



12. Selling on social media: Plan your social media content and learn the different high-converting post types.



13. Social media planning: Use different content categories to plan your content so you never again worry about what to post.



14. Handling objections: Recognise and handle internal and external objections like a pro.



15.Business: Learn the four stages a prospect needs to move through that take them from follower to paying client.


16. Discovery calls: Follow a clear structure with prompting questions to smoothly lead the sales conversation to a comfortable close.


17. Your call template & social media posts: Incorporate your call templates into your social media posts to encourage enquiries.


18. Post-sale client care: Considerately approach previous clients to encourage repeat business and enhanced customer care that leaves them singing your praises.


19. Identify your ideal client: Understand and identify your ideal client.


20. Storytelling for business: Use storytelling to create a personal connection with your potential customers (people buy from people they like and CONNECT with).


21. Business mindset: Prep yourself for the challenges ahead so you can keep moving your business forward with positive intentions.


22. Branding: Consider how you can inspire loyalty and create longevity in your business by crafting a memorable brand identity.


23. Presenting yourself: Define how you want to present yourself and your business to the world so you attract golden opportunities and repel nightmare ones!


24. Canva masterclass: Guidance on how to use this simple tool to create graphics for banners and posts that POP.


25. Recap: Recap the key learnings and make sure nothing is left overlooked.


The path to success may not be effortless, but with these 25 steps as your roadmap, perseverance, and dedication, you can navigate it with confidence and clarity. Embrace the journey, take action, and watch your business flourish. Your future success begins now.


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Don't leave your sales to chance!

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