A self-paced Sales Accelerator for early-stage small business owners.


25 battle-tested action steps to catapult you from £0-3K months, and beyond!


I'm ready to AMPLIFY my sales!


Whether you want to make your first sale online or break through a sub £3K per month plateau, AMPLIFY will get you there.


These 25 proven action steps will help you:


  • Clarify your fly-off-the-shelf offers

  • Communicate your irresistible value

  • Navigate sophisticated sales conversations

  • Use social media to sell organically (and intentionally)

  • Build a brand that inspires loyalty and encourages sales 

  • Create consistent monthly profit with high-converting frameworks


Without any unnecessary fluff that keeps you busy and confused, but doesn’t make you money.


I’m ready to make more sales!

Who is AMPLIFY for?

AMPLIFY is for you if you’re an ambitious go-getting service-based business owner who is currently making under 3K per month and you’d like that to change (like, yesterday!)


Does any of this sound familiar?


🔷  You have a knock-out service but you don’t know how to sell that service.


🔷  Your business is fresh out of the gate and you’re bamboozled about how to make money.


🔷  You are making money but - quite frankly - it’s not enough and you’re ready for (and deserve) MORE.


🔷 You are insanely talented in your area of expertise but you don’t know how to show your prospects that you’re the solution to their problem.


🔷 Your sales are inconsistent, you’re ready to escape the feast-and-famine state.


🔷 You’ve got a truckload of ambition and are ready to get this business off the ground, you just need a clear pathway toward consistent clients. 


What if instead of confusion and pressure…

You could rapidly transform your sales from unpredictable to reliable with 25 tried-and-tested revenue-generating steps that create unstoppable money-making momentum?


So you can finally…


Quit the scramble for sales and never again wonder where your next client is coming from.


AMPLIFY gives you everything you need to plug the gaps and create consistent organic sales, on repeat.

You will know exactly what to do


to create a profitable business

(even if you hate selling!).


"Since starting, I have done simple things like blinging up my email signature through to bigger projects such as creating my first pop-up lead magnet and launching a crazy deal to lift up the visibility of my online course.


I have been braver in my social media and seen an increase in enquiries and ran a sold-out workshop just last week.


AMPLIFY has given me new thoughts and lifted my confidence to shout louder about what I do and I feel good about saying – I am pretty damn good at it!


The fact that I can work through it at my own pace has really helped.


AMPLIFY gave me direction and confidence to take action. I wouldn’t have put my offer out there – which has made sales – and has already covered my investment with you" - Alison




Ready… Get set… SELL!



AMPLIFY gives you the exact roadmap to fast-track your business growth.


You will receive:


🔷  Immediate lifetime access to the 25-step roadmap in the online portal to work through at your pace


🔷  A weekly prompt from me sent directly to your inbox to gently nudge you along and hold you accountable.


🔷  A compact 10-20 minute video for each AMPLIFY action.


The premise is SIMPLE…


Follow the steps and you will see the results.


Your 25-step strategy to build and scale your business:


  1. Establish your starting point: 

    Get clear on where your business and sales are NOW before you clarify where you want to GO.

  2. Establish your goals:

     Get crystal clear on your sales and business goals and set your intentions.

  3. Set the scene: 

    Determine how you want your prospects to perceive you online for maximum recognition and impact.

  4. Build your credibility: 

    Continue to build your online presence for maximum recognition and impact.

  5. Your sales process: 

    Understand and build your lead generation and sales process.

  6. Your purpose pyramid: 

    Define your business purpose and create your irrefusable value proposition.

  7. Play to your strengths: 

    Identify your many strengths and use them to design offers that attract your ideal client.

  8. Define your next ideal client: 

    Use your past ideal clients to speak clearly to your next match-made-in-heaven client.

  9. Your product range:

     Craft your product range and position it strategically for the greatest impact on you and your clients.

  10. Setting your sales targets:

     Clarify what you want to achieve from your product ladder and what sales you want to make to achieve those goals.

  11. Selling on social media: 

    Create an intentional social media posting and selling strategy.

  12. Selling on social media: 

    Plan your social media content and learn the different high-converting post types.

  13. Social media planning: 

    Use different content categories to plan your content so you never again worry about what to post.

  14. Handling objections:

     Recognise and handle internal and external objections like a pro.

  15. Bonus training with Business Coach, Karen Kissane: 

    Learn the four stages a prospect needs to move through that take them from follower to paying client.

  16. Discovery calls: 

    Follow a clear structure with prompting questions to smoothly lead the sales conversation to a comfortable close.

  17. Your call template & social media posts:

     Incorporate your call templates into your social media posts to encourage enquiries.

  18. Post-sale client care: 

    Considerately approach previous clients to encourage repeat business and enhanced customer care that leaves them singing your praises.

  19. Identify your ideal client:

     Understand and identify your ideal client.

  20. Storytelling for business: 

    Use storytelling to create a personal connection with your potential customers (people buy from people they like and CONNECT with).

  21. Business mindset: 

    Prep yourself for the challenges ahead so you can keep moving your business forward with positive intentions.

  22. Branding: 

    Consider how you can inspire loyalty and create longevity in your business by crafting a memorable brand identity.

  23. Presenting yourself: 

    Define how you want to present yourself and your business to the world so you attract golden opportunities and repel nightmare ones!

  24. Canva masterclass: 

    Guidance on how to use this simple tool to create graphics for banners and posts that POP.

  25. Recap: 

    Recap the key learnings and make sure nothing is left overlooked.




You do not need a £6K program to start making money in your business.


You need an easy-to-follow master plan that’s

strategic, hyper-actionable,

and results-driven.


Sales success is about getting the daily income-generating activities done.






These steps are purposefully simple.


Don’t overlook the compounding effect of taking action.


(If you think you’ve done a lot of the above but you’ve yet to break through the 3K monthly barrier, then you’re missing something vital that AMPLIFY will help rectify)


Join AMPLIFY today


£497+ VAT





Many business owners have the passion, talent, and unwavering determination to make their business a success… they just don’t know HOW to do it.


I’m here to give you the HOW.


“AMPLIFY has literally amplified my mind!” - Gemma

“I have had great results so far, and I feel so much more at ease with selling now. I love how the Amplify steps feel so achievable.” - Nicola



Meet your host, Enfys Maloney





You shouldn’t listen to me because I’m a triple award-winning sales strategist. 


You shouldn’t listen to me because I’m an Amazon best-selling co-author(toot, toot!).


Nor because I grew my business to 100K in its second year starting with a £399 offer, a miniscule social media following, and a small but mighty email list.


And not even because my clients have seen phenomenal sales success from working with me. 


Result like this...


  • 5X’d their sales

  • Increased their day rate by 40%

  • Comfortably increased their prices

  • Had their best sales months to date

  • Landed high-ticket projects up to £25K in one fell swoop

  • Doubled their prices and still have a stream of prospects buying


It’s because, in 2020, I was exactly where you are now.


And **insert cheesy truth** I wish I had access to a step-by-step accelerator like AMPLIFY.


I didn’t have any clients.


After my travel business imploded (thank you, pandemic!) my family was thrown into financial and emotional turmoil.


This business idea HAD to work.


I know and understand what it’s like to:


  • Need to make money.

  • Undercharge and overdeliver.

  • Need to make progress quickly.

  • Keep going when it feels like nothing is working.

  • Find opportunity hidden behind a veil of challenge.

  • Muster the self-trust and self-belief required to try something new.

  • Put your trust and money into your business development, hoping that it will pay off.


Here’s what I want you to know…


I’ve been a salesperson for my entire career and I’ve done the trial and testing for you.


Now, I’ve compiled the need-to-knows and must-dos into AMPLIFY so you don’t have to struggle to figure out where your next sale is coming from.


It’s all here in neat, succinct, chronological order that makes it fail-safe.



Follow the AMPLIFY steps to eliminate all guesswork from making sales, and turn your business into a client attraction MAGNET.

Because if there’s one thing EVERY business needs, it’s to make sales.


"Enfys just knows.


She knows the sales struggles, the improvements to make, and how to share the information in such a way that it’s easily implemented. Sales can be scary but it just isn’t when you work with Enfys.


She is straight talking, open and honest. This isn’t sales training on how to make 6 figure sums in a week (we’ve all seen these claims) this is REAL.


It has a real impact. Work with Enfys if sales scare you, if you are struggling to grow your business, or if you don’t know what to do next.


You won’t regret it - every penny you will get back!" - Sarah Henderson




"I really value the course and am learning SO much.


I just wanted to say that you have made me a lot more ambitious about what I want to achieve. Your course came at just the right time and it is fantastic. I know I have said this before, but you are an inspiration!" - Clare



"There have been quite a few things that have come up - not necessarily big things - but the little things coming together. I've had light bulb moments… Karen's session was A-MAZING. Things like adding the video on a submission page - I did that!" - Anne


AMPLIFY your brand


AMPLIFY your offers.


AMPLIFY your content.


AMPLIFY your reputation.


AMPLIFY your sales calls.


AMPLIFY your confidence.






Juggling frantic family life, a business with growing pains, and maybe even a full/part-time job?

Weave this self-paced program around your life.  

Give me 20 minutes a week of your time, and let’s make money.


(Or, hammer this home in only 25 days if you want!) 


The choice is yours.



Sales success is about getting the daily income-generating activities done.






These steps are purposefully simple.


Don’t overlook the compounding effect of taking action.


(If you think you’ve done a lot of the above but you’ve yet to break through the 3K monthly barrier, then you’re missing something vital that AMPLIFY will help rectify)


Join AMPLIFY today


£497+ VAT