Elevate Circle 

Your bullet train to extraordinary results.


Ultra VIP 6 month results focused

business mastermind. 



 This is HIGHLY exclusive and available for growth focused business owners who want to generate fast results, and scale.


The close work we will do together is designed to help you dramatically increase your sales - as long as you take action, you will see results and I will be by your side every step of the way!


If you feel as though you have been teetering on the brink of a breakthrough, or simply want to get to the next level in your business then The Elevate Circle will give you the momentum and know-how you need to propel you towards selling brilliance. 



 The Elevate Circle

6 month Mastermind

+ Complimentary Retreat place


£1,650 per month 

Plus VAT



The Elevate Circle includes 1:1 and full access monthly VIP Support.   




> 12-16 May 2025, Retreat Place, single use room. 

> Retreat value: £2,700+ vat


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"I made another £25k sale using Enfys' sales training!" 


 Is this you? 


Does any of this sound like you:


You didn't get the sales or generate the results you wanted in over the past 6-12 months and you're fed up feeling frustrated and unsure. You want your next chapter to be different. You're looking for clarity without any more self doubt, overwhelm or fear holding you back as you step forward..  


Or, you achieved your sales targets and want to make sure your next 6 months period is even better! You want to leverage what you've built, get some time back and make more money without missing a beat. 


My VIP clients are all impatient-for-more when they come to me. They feel frustrated that selling has become hard and their goals of making consistent sales feels like an utter slog.


They often feel fed up with building their business alone and recognise that they would get better results with clear cut sales & marketing help and an intimate support mastermind crew there to keep them accountable and focused.


If you're sitting in the same dilemma of wanting better sales, but just not knowing how to generate the money you want then my The Elevate Circle is for you. Banging your head against a wall, waiting it out 'until things get easier' and hiding doesn't help... If you're stuck (and we've all been there), I'm here to support you. 


Whatever you're working on, taking the time to get laser focused on your next chapter is crucial to your success. You cannot achieve your goals if you've not clear on what you're working towards, or what exactly you're selling.




Hello Success!


I will personally help you to design & activate your next level sales strategy so that you can achieve blow-out months that rocket your revenue over the next six months. 


This VIP level is rarely available and you're invited to take one of these exclusive VIP places. 





 "I learned more in 1 DAY with Enfys than I did with a business coach in 3 months!" 



You want my help because.... 

Which of these sound like you?

You want to design and launch a new service or group offer..

You're eager to embrace high revenue months without any more overwhelm and stress...

You're going ALL-IN in and don't want to leave your sales to chance...

You want to win awards in 2024 and know you need to start with a showstopping sales for your award entry to stand out...

You want to open doors in the corporate space...

You want to sell more and grow your business without sacrificing your time and sanity!

You want to feel clear and laser focused without anymore self doubt, overwhelm or fear holding you back.



You need my help because:  

You want to leverage what you've built, get some time back and make more money without wasting any more time.

You want bigger & better, slicker & quicker results and need guidance, strategy and accountability to get there.

You know me well enough to trust with me as your wing-woman you'll be able to get the help you need to achieve your goals. 


We will work closely together for the next 6 months and I will help your to Create & Sell your next irresistible offer.

The Elevate Circle gives you direct VIP access to me throughout.   

Grab your space and start NOW.


6 month support

6x £1,650+vat monthly payment

Free plane on my May 2025 Retreat worth £2,700 + vat




"Enfys has been absolutely instrumental to my business development and growth.


She has helped me get crystal clear on my messaging, offers, pricing and visibility.


Her down to earth, practical and honest approach has got me out of my comfort zone and opened up opportunities for me.


Enfys is passionate about what she does and this really shines through in her support to clients.


She is also absolutely lovely to work with and is your greatest cheerleader!


Highly recommend working with Enfys for anyone who wants to grow their business and get confident selling! "



Set up for




Step into the your next growth phase with the clarity & focus you need to succeed and get my help to execute your plan. 



We will pull together everything you need to amplify and elevate your sales, quickly. 




Which of these resonate with you? 



‚ÄčYou are frustrated by doing so much work without achieving the desired results or revenue.


You want to boost sales and earn more while working less. PLUS you want the selling process to be smoother and more comfortable!


Or, maybe you've been holding onto your next new service without launching it.


Defining your offer seems just out of reach, your mind goes blank when thinking about naming it and pricing your new service is confusing, holding you back from putting it out there. ‚Äč ‚Ä謆



PLUS "Putting it out there" feels utterly overwhelming, and despite the potential for good money, you feel stuck. (I help my VIPers turn revenue-generating ideas into sellable offers every week! This is my thing) ‚Äč


Apply here



You have been in business for a while and are seeing good results, yet you feel unsupported and lonely. You KNOW that you would get better results with my 1:1 support and that I'd help you reach new revenue thresholds. In fact, we may have worked together before, but going it alone hasn't been as easy or fun.


Or, maybe ...


You've been hiding. Everything is set, but "being visible" and generating leads from socials feels terrifying. You haven't cracked being 'consistent,' so your leads and sales have been inconsistent. You know you need to be seen and found, but it's not easy to show up.


This is not the case on my watch; I'm going to help you create magnetic, comfortable content alongside your highly effective client attraction strategy. Even if you currently hate being visible, I can help you.


Or is that you have been waiting to work with me at a VIP level, but until now, it just wasn't the right time but TODAY feels like the perfect moment to start working together.


Are you ready to go ALL-IN and want me as your wing-woman and step into your next growth phase with the confidence and selling know-how needed to have your best sales yet?!


Let's do it!



"I needed to change my perspective on sales so I booked some 1:1 sales mentoring sessions with Enfys. I have to say this is one of the best investments I have made in my business.‚ÄĚ





 Elevate Circle

 Enfys' ultimate 6 month
Mastermind; the catalyst to your next level success.


Exclusively available for growth focused business owners 


6 Monthly Payments of

£1,650 +vat 

Plus VAT


The Elevate Circle includes 1:1 and full access to VIP Support 




> A free place on my May 2025 Retreat



The Elevate Circle


ÔłŹMonthly 1:1 Sales Strategy Sessions with¬†Enfys for 6 months

Weekly small group calls, Tuesdays 10:00-11:00

ÔłŹWeekly 1:1 Thursday check-ins.

Get unlimited access to ask me anything by WhatsApp EVERY Thursday 9:00-12:00. This "Enfys on Speed Dial" is something my VIP clients LOVE. I'll check your sales pages, posts, profiles, run thoguht your ideas and so much more. 

Access to my VIP exclusive business community where connections, collaborations and opportunities flourish.

ÔłŹVisibility Sprint - Get seen & get found roadmap!

ÔłŹCreate & Celebrate your success with me as your wing-woman for 6 months.¬†

ÔłŹQuick-fire social media audit carried out by Enfys.

ÔłŹCopy review and copy edit.¬†ÔłŹ

Me and my team will review one of your chosen areas:

  • Sales page
  • Services page
  • LinkedIn Profile & Bio


Plus a complimentary ticket to my May 2025 Retreat in Portmeirion 

Get high level accountability, clear cut guidance and unparalleled business support so that you can hit your goals and generate the sales your REALLY want. 


If you're a growth-focused business owner ready to supercharge your results and want me at your side - then this is for you. 






VIP clients get FULL access to me and I will take you behind the scenes into my business and reveal the most effective sales strategies that I have used to grow my business from zero to dazzling multi-six figures, leading to consistent £60-80k quarters in less than 3 years.



Kick off your next growth phase with a burst of energy, bright opportunities and knockout sales!



"I‚Äôve trebled my income and exceeded my wildest expectations already.‚ÄĚ



"Enfys is more than a sales coach. She is a cheerleader, a connector, a business opportunity seeking missile, an accountability holder AND a sales coach." 




Hello I am


I help incredible women make incredible sales.


Building and scaling your business is an exciting journey, but it can feel hard to navigating through alone. 

 Too many business owners are wasting time and missing golden selling opportunities unnecessarily and all too frequently.

 Depending on your approach, your sales skills will either lose you money or make you money.

 The sales you make, (or don't make), affect everything.

Is it time for you to get the help you need to sell, serve and GROW? 



 Elevate Circle


Ultra VIP 6 month results focused



This is HIGHLY exclusive and available for growth focused business owners. The 1:1 and intimate mastermind support will be your bullet train to extraordinary results.


The close work we will do together will dramatically change your sales - as long as you take action, you will see results and I will be by your side every step of the way!


If you feel as though you have been stuck in your business, The Elevate Circle will give you the momentum you need to propel you towards selling brilliance. 



The Elevate Circle

6 month Sales and Visibility Success Sprint


Plus VAT


Your VIP Expansion Experience includes 1:1 and full access to VIP Support.