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7-12 April 2024 

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It’s your time to

Create your end-to end sales strategy and

generate the sales you really want. 


  • First £5k?
  • Consistent £10k months?
  • Double your revenue?
  • Triple your sales?
  • Sales in your sleep (yes, it's all possible for YOU)


It starts HERE. 


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This is for you if

  • You want bigger and better sales but you're feeling stuck. You can't see where the next sale is coming from and can't  quite put your finger on why selling feels so hard.  


  • You want some quick wins and money coming into the business but your 'Big 2024 Goals' already feel out of reach and you're starting to 'settle' and accept low or unexciting sales as your norm (but you want soo much more). 


  • You want sales but hate selling. You don't know where to turn and feel isolated and alone as you're trying to plan out your offers.   


  •  Selling makes you feel icky, terrified and exposed - esspecially now you want to raise your prices but have no idea what to set these to. 


  •  You have BIG goals but don’t know how to make the sales to achieve them and you feel the pressure to 'have your best year' but have no idea how to make the money you want. You’re overwhelmed and overthinking your offers, pricing or services. 


  • Or, sales have been good but you want them to be GREAT! You're up for trying a new way and seeing how much revenue and sales you can make when you put the pedal down. This is YOUR YEAR! 


You just want to be told WHAT TO DO, and to make sales... on repeat!


It's hard work, relentless, and draining to always be the person that comes up with the ideas in your business. Sometimes you just want to be told what to do - and then go away and do it.

Following my daily sales boosting action steps over the 5 days of the challenge gives you the opportunity to take incremental steps every day - without overwhelm - that when put together (and no steps are missed) will get you your next sales, quickly.



By the end of this week you will have a red-carpet ready sales strategy that you will be able to roll out and implement time and time again. 


  • Ready to make more sales & more money?



I’ve trebled my income and exceeded my wildest expectations already.



"I wish I'd known about Enfys sooner! I've increased my sales in just a few weeks"



"It’s been a transformative journey and I can proudly say I have just had the best sales months of the last two years. Thank you"



Be my next success story!


This is the sales-winning formula you've been waiting for and it's all FREE within my 5 day challenge. 


 Clarity + Strategy + Daily Action = Sales




This isn't just an invitation to 'think big' and 'map out your sales plan' - although we will do that too - this week is about so much more.


Day by Day you take the action needed to bring on your next paying clients.


The sales boosting growth challenge is designed in blocks that will build each day. 

  • By day 2 you will start to see just how easy, effective and enjoyable great selling can be.
  • By day 4 you will have completely changed how you approach making sales.
  • By day 5 I want you to see new opportunities and SALES made!


The challenge is interwoven with game-changing sales-hacks and fresh ways for you to build a sales rich business and make 2024 your year of GROWTH.  



Get your hands on my sales-winning formula and let me show you exactly how to open your next opportunity and close sales without any more self doubt, procrastination or overwhelm. 


Commit to your sales for 5 days and  see for yourself how my end-to-end sales strategy will forever change how you sell.   



Put the sophistication back into sales and take the guesswork out of 'selling' during my

FREE 5 day immersive sales boosting growth challenge


7-12 April 2024 

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"I  honestly would not be where I am in business now without Enfys.


My day rate has increased by 40% since I started working with Enfys, and it’s set to rise again this financial year. I’ve secured projects of a much bigger scale and size than ever before, including a brilliant £25K impact measurement job.”


"Enfys has helped me change my sales completely ~ so much so that I'm on target to double my income!"



Swap the frantic fight for your next client for a smooth ride toward seamless sales.



My 5 day challenge is about

Action, Outcomes and SALES


In my world, we’re all about progress over perfection. There is never the “right” time to start showing up for your audience. 


So what if your headshots aren’t ready, your website isn’t “quite there” or you only have a small audience? Sales start with the action you take TODAY.


I’m going to show you that you don’t need to reinvent the wheel, you just need access to my bite-size end to end sales strategy.




Get exactly what you need to 

make sales THIS WEEK. 

This isn't your typical generic advice. I'm going to tell you exactly HOW make sales. 

This is your chance to receive my multi-award winning sales training FOR FREE! 


My strategies have helped hundreds of women make life-changing sales - I want the same for you!


So, are you ready to JOIN the challenge?





The reason most business owners fail to create recurring life-altering sales is not because they aren’t incredibly talented and downright FAB-U-LOUS…


It’s because they use their hatred of selling as an excuse not to show up for themselves.


7-12 April 2024 

Free Online Event

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Meet your host,

Enfys Maloney

Five Time Award Winner

Sales Strategist and Success Mentor


Helloooooo, Enfys here!


(For those wondering where my name came from, Enfys is Welsh for rainbow!) 


My passion is generating sales and growth, quickly. Which is why I'm so excited to help you do the same during this FREE 5-day Challenge!

Get Fully-Booked in 5 Days takes the fear and confusion out of selling...


...and swaps it for a FOOLPROOF sales strategy with FREE sales training and support.

Here’s why this works for anyone…

Your success is Inevitable

We only focus on the things that matter


Your time in precious. 

So we won’t be wasting energy on the irrelevant stuff... 

Only the juicy needle-movers. 

When you join my FREE 5 day Challenge you won’t be bogged down with fluff. 

I don’t want you to ADD to your workload. 

I want to help you streamline and ACTION it. 

So you can earn more, doing less, KNOWING that your actions will lead to sales.



The way to make more money in your business is to

get better and better at SELLING. 

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7-12 April 2024 

Free Online Event

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“The sales started to roll in and they haven’t stopped!” Rachel

"I learned more in one day with Enfys than I did with a business coach in 3 months!" -  Georgina

"It’s been win after win since working with you.


I really can’t stress how grateful I am and also how pleased I am that I trusted my gut and made this investment to work with you." - Nikki


"Enfys is more than a sales coach. She is a cheerleader, a connector, a business opportunity seeking missile, an accountability holder AND a sales coach." - Alex