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12 June 


Sales, Marketing, Mindset & Community Gold!

This is your opportunity to get in my Zoom Room for 


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Join me for a business FIESTA jam-packed with everything you need to make more sales, more comfortably (and quickly)!

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It’s time to

Downtools and prepare yourself for next level success! 

To generate the sales you really want you need to pause & plan...


  • First £5k?
  • Consistent £10k months?
  • Double your revenue?
  • Triple your sales?
  • Sales in your sleep (yes, it's all possible!)


It starts HERE with your glittering invitation to The Big Business Bash!


Hit that button and secure your place to the hottest FREE event this summer. We're talking:

🔥Mini-masterclasses that’ll blow your mind.

🔥Seriously show-stopping spotlights.

🔥An interactive workshop to get your gears turning.

🔥Networking that’ll make you say “hello, opportunities!”

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My FREE events have helped hundreds of business owners implement powerful frameworks and strategies MINUTES after attending.


 Here's a snapshot of the EPIC results the attendees of my last FREE event experienced:


I got an enquiry within 10 minutes! I wasn’t expecting that.



"I put myself out there. And I closed a £9k commission."



"I backed myself by promoting my highest ticket offer."



"Named a price with someone who wanted something for free. Would have felt icky about that before but my time is valuable!"



"I came up with a new package and sent it to 15 clients."




Be my next success story and join us this June!


If you're anything like me, you want LIMITLESS choices.

You want an expansive, experience-rich life where you make a positive contribution with your work AND make a profit.
You want new choices and new opportunities. Not because you're not grateful for what you have, but because you're curious to see what you're truly capable of with the right support, approach, and selling know-how.
You have years ahead of you running your business, just imagine what you WILL do next when making sales is more comfortable?!
The four pillars my business is built on are these: 
Of course, there are others, but this is the solid foundation my business sits on. The team, tech, and processes come next.
On June 12 from 12:00 to 14:30, I'm hosting a Business FIESTA and bringing you THE BEST BITS that have built my brand and business over the last 3 years.


Why you can't afford to miss this

🔹️Stuck in a sales rut? Let's break free together.

🔹️Need a dose of inspiration? Consider this your injection of entrepreneurial adrenaline.

🔹️Hate the idea of selling? I've got the hacks to make it painless.

🔹️Got BIG goals? Let's turn them into even BIGGER wins.
My events are incredibly powerful, multidimensional experiences, and this will be no exception. I'm bringing you a selection of mini-masterclasses, slotlight talks, networking and breakout rooms so you can meet my community - it's en event and experience designed to instantly elevate your sales skills and business.

Create & Celebrate

your next level success and

join me in June! 



Celebrate with you..

It's a biggie and and you're invited to the party!
On 12 June 12:00-14:30
I'm hosting a BIG BUSINESS BASH (for small business ownrs) and bringing you THE BEST BITS that I have built my whole brand and multi-six figure business around over the last 3 years.
The value I will share with you has helped hundreds of business owners generate hundreds of thousands of revenue from sales.
These 4 pillars underpin everything I do, and everything I train my clients on:
Why you should be part of it...let me break it down:
🔹️Come for the sales know-how that’ll make your wallet happy.
🔹️Come for marketing magic that’ll make your brand pop.
🔹️Come to learn and soak up all the goodness.
🔹️Come for connection because who doesn’t love an opportunity to network?
🔹️Come to ignite MOMENTUM and get your biz fire blazing.
🔹️Come for FUN because building your business should be a blast!
The Big Business Bash is designed and delivered to help you create & celebrate your next level success.
I will wrap up (with a beautiful golden bow) a range of mini-masterclasses, spotlights, an interactive workshop and networking, and oooohhh la la la la, you'll have to be in my Zoom Room to experience this!

12 June - You're Invited!

There is nothing better for me than spending time with my clients helping them create & celebrate their success.
Having a full afternoon together learning, laughing, being challenged... creating solutions and building your success pathways is unbeatable.
During my events you'll raise your gaze and raise your game. What feels hard alone, comes easier together.
The selling-know how I share is simple and designed to be implemented immediately. You won't go away with a mountain of 'stuff' to do, just frameworks that underpin your new sales process so you can convert your open opportunities, quickly and comfortably.
I have pages and pages of testimonials and a full community of happy clients who use my selling tools and techniques everyday.
How you sell informs EVERYTHING you do in business.


Start with Sales in mind!

  • You want sales.
  • You need sales.
  • You need to focus on your sales skills and approach.
You have opportunities all around you.. and you MUST (yes must, this is not optional) be able to convert these sales.
And what could be better than having a few hours together, in my zoom room on 12 June working on all of this, and topping off the event with a Vibrant Connections Networking session;
Mixing for success and igniting opportunities, together?
I'm so excited, and I hope you join in.
I've not run an event quite like this one before.. It's different to usual. It's an evolution of what's been before and this is your invite to be a part of it!
RSVP and get your place saved!
Over to you!




I'm having a party 

and YOU are invited!


A FREE event for growth focused business owners who want to make

more sales, more comfortably  

Register today and start to make the sales you really want.


My events are a full scale experience,

so don't expect some bog standard webinar when you step into my world...!

12 June


Welcome to my zoom room!



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This is for you if

  • You want bigger and better sales but you're feeling stuck. You can't see where the next sale is coming from and can't  quite put your finger on why selling feels so hard.  


  • You want some quick wins and money coming into the business but your 'Big 2024 Goals' already feel out of reach and you're starting to 'settle' and accept low or unexciting sales as your norm (but you want soo much more). 


  • You want sales but hate selling. You don't know where to turn and feel isolated and alone as you're trying to plan out your offers.   


  •  Selling makes you feel icky, terrified and exposed - esspecially now you want to raise your prices but have no idea what to set these to. 


  •  You have BIG goals but don’t know how to make the sales to achieve them and you feel the pressure to 'have your best year' but have no idea how to make the money you want. You’re overwhelmed and overthinking your offers, pricing or services. 


  • Or, sales have been good but you want them to be GREAT! You're up for trying a new way and seeing how much revenue and sales you can make when you put the pedal down. This is YOUR YEAR! 


You just want to be told WHAT TO DO, and to make sales... on repeat!


It's hard work, relentless, and draining to always be the person that comes up with the ideas in your business. Come and get the help and inspiration you need to move forward.. quickly!


I’ve trebled my income and exceeded my wildest expectations already.



"I wish I'd known about Enfys sooner! I've increased my sales in just a few weeks"



"It’s been a transformative journey and I can proudly say I have just had the best sales months of the last two years. Thank you"



Be my next success story!

Everything changes when you

master the art of selling


The money you make and the offers you sell influence every decision you make and every choice you have—from the house you live in, to the holidays you take, to the school your kids attend and everything else in between. 


  • If you doubled ot tripled your sales in the second half of 2024 compared to the first half, how would your life change?


From the clients you support, to the projects you deliver, to the events you host—it all comes down to your ability to convert business.


Your conversations, collaborations, and opportunities to shine on stage depend on your unique sales skills.


Sales skills are not a 'nice to have, maybe later' thing...Your sales skills are essential to your success, NOW.


Your success hinges on your ability to bring people with you.


You can't just talk 'at' your audience; you need to LEAD them into your offers—gently yet assertively.


Your ideas won't make an impact unless you can share them in a way that brings your audience along with you (a.k.a. selling) and to truly succeed, you MUST cultivate an audience, build a brand, RULE YOUR REPUTATION, lead, and convert sales. 


Not only that, you need to create results focused, clear, yet creative offers and roll out marketing strategies that help you CONVERT sales.


It's a big ask.


Many get completely stuck and lost, so if that's you, you're in the right place..

this is what I will help you with! .


Anyone who thinks they can do all this and create an iconic business without continuous improvement will create an impenetrable, self-imposed sales ceiling. But don't worry—glass ceilings are easy to break when you know how.


Whether you're a client of mine or not, I'm here to help you move forward and make the sales you REALLY want! 


Don't underestimate what you can do when you FOCUS on the right things.

I have so much to share that will help you build your sales and busines... all coming your way on 12 June!

  • June 12
  • 12:00 - 14:30
  • Online
  • Zero cost—this one is on me!


Do you want to come to my Big Business Bash?  I'd love to have you there! 


The Big Business Bash is an event

Where I will bring you a powerful

smorgasbord of the very best bits I offer my clients. 




My multi-award winning training and business development know-how is focused on creating:

Action, Outcomes and SALES


I'm celebrating the 1 year Birthday of my incredible 12 month programme, The Success Vault and am taking the opportunity to share the highlights, what it's REALLY taken to create and sell a six figure group programme and some of my biggest learnings and takeaways as a I can share as a new entrepreneur. 



My events are a full scale experience,

so don't expect some bog standard webinar when you step into my world...!

Create & Celebrate Your Selling Success this June!



12 June 


Online Gold!


See you in my zoom room

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This is your chance to receive my multi-award winning sales training FOR FREE! 


My strategies have helped hundreds of business owners make life-changing sales - I want the same for you!


So, are you ready to JOIN me in JUNE?

"I  honestly would not be where I am in business now without Enfys.


My day rate has increased by 40% since I started working with Enfys, and it’s set to rise again this financial year. I’ve secured projects of a much bigger scale and size than ever before, including a brilliant £25K impact measurement job.”


"Enfys has helped me change my sales completely ~ so much so that I'm on target to double my income!"




Take the fear and confusion out of selling...


...and swap it for a FOOLPROOF sales strategy with FREE sales training and support.

Here’s why my sales training works for all committed service based business owners…

Your success is Inevitable

We only focus on the things that matter


Your time in precious. 

So we won’t be wasting energy on the irrelevant stuff... 

Only the juicy needle-movers. 

When you join me in my zoom room you won’t be bogged down with fluff. 

I don’t want you to ADD to your workload. 

I want to help you streamline and ACTION it. 

So you can earn more, doing less, KNOWING that your actions will lead to sales.


The way to make more money in your business is to

get better and better at SELLING. 

Meet your host,

Enfys Maloney

Five Time Award Winner

Sales Strategist and Success Mentor


Helloooooo, Enfys here!


(For those wondering where my name came from, Enfys is Welsh for rainbow!) 


My passion is helping my many clients generate outstanding sales and growth, quickly. Which is why I'm so excited to help you do the same during my Big Business Bash!

Join the celebrations this June!


12 June 


Online Gold!


See you in my zoom room

(oh, and enjoy your instant access Sizzling Sales GIFT on the post registration page!)


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“The sales started to roll in and they haven’t stopped!” Rachel

"I learned more in one day with Enfys than I did with a business coach in 3 months!" -  Georgina

"It’s been win after win since working with you.


I really can’t stress how grateful I am and also how pleased I am that I trusted my gut and made this investment to work with you." - Nikki


"Enfys is more than a sales coach. She is a cheerleader, a connector, a business opportunity seeking missile, an accountability holder AND a sales coach." - Alex

"Working with Enfys has genuinely transformed my business. Enfys has managed to demystify selling in a way that I never thought would be possible!" 

"I feel empowered by the information and advice Enfys gave and she explained everything in a way that we could all understand and relate to

"Enfys delivered her talks in a clear and relevant way. I learnt lots of new things but realised some things which I was doing wrong. I have made significant changes from what Enfys taught me."


"It isn't just that she is highly skilled in the selling arena, it is her style and approach that is so inspiring and refreshing.


Enfys provided a colourful approach to sales training which everyone found thoroughly enjoyable and valuable. Her advice was clear and actionable, I highly recommend Enfys.

"Enfys' event was exceptional, great networking opportunities, absolute pearls of wisdom from Enfys

Join the celebrations this June!


12 June 


Online Gold!


See you in my zoom room

(oh, and enjoy your instant access Sizzling Sales GIFT on the post registration page!)


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